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One of the best things about being a designer is to be a part of the amazing, creative community that is out there, thanks to all kinds of digital and social platforms. It enables us to connect with like minds, to help and support eachother as virtual colleagues sitting alone in our home studios.

So to all my creative colleagues out there, this is for you!


A facebook group

for pattern designers and illustrators
working in Sweden!

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There are a lot of groups about pattern design and illustration for the American and Australian markets, but not for the Swedish. Well now there is one! In our group called "Pattern Designers & Illustrators Work-along" we want to connect with other Swedish designers, in Sweden or abroad - a new community where we can support & help each other, share news, tips & tricks, discuss topics about the Swedish world of pattern and illustration.

And once in a while meet up and work side by sida - a work-along - a way to get colleagues for anyone who often work alone in our home studios and offices.

The group is currently in Swedish, but if we find that there is a need to switch to English we will. You are most welcome to join us!


Learn something new


With my courses on Skillshare you can expand your pattern design skills, learn how to draw ilustrations and how to use professional markers.



Skillshare is a global online education platform with thousands of courses taught by teachers from all over the world. You can take or teach classes in design, marketing, social media, writing, photography, filmmaking, business, strategy, all kinds of crafts and much more.

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further reading


My favorite books on pattern design

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