Qualis AB

Qualis AB is a manufacturer of genuine leather goods and plastic details with the own brands Dojjans Shoebusiness and Marcus & Son. Besides producing and marketing their own clogs and sandals, they also produce bottoms for clogs made of wood and polyurethane bought by other manufacturers all over the world.

Marcus Nilsson, the founder and owner of Qualis AB is the ultimate entrepreneur, with a never ending resource of ideas and projects to improve his products. One of those ideas was to make a better clog bottom, more comfortable, functional as well as estethically improved and I was given the assignment to create a new pattern for the sole.

Dojjans Shoebusiness sole pattern design

It had to be both stylish and functional, create a good grip and not collect too much dirt from the ground. I played around with different shapes and pattens until Marcus found a favorite, a pattern of hearts and circles that together created multiple variations - hearts, flowers or four leaf cloves.

Dojjans Shoebusiness sole pattern design

Initially it would be produced for the soft clogs with a bottom of polyurethane and an insert of linden wood closest to the foot. Later on it was produced for the rubber soles of the bottoms for the wooden clogs as well.