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I've been producing creative courses on Skillshare since 2016, teaching over 2000 students about pattern design, creating artistic illustrations and how to use professional markers. 


Classic Pattern Designs - Make a Toile de Jouy pattern

In this course I unveil all the secrets behind making this sophisticated, decorative and complex pattern design style so that you can design one yourself from start to finish. 

This is an intermediate to advanced class that combines Illustration and Pattern Design.

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Artistic illustrations - Learn how to draw from objects and images 

Learn how to draw life like and artistic illustrations from objects or images and turn your sketches into printable illustrations, to use for any of your designs and products. The class is on Skillshare and you need to be a premium member to access the course.

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Artistic Illustrations 2 - The fundamentals of coloring with markers

Coloring with markers is fun and easy to learn and you can create some really cool effects. In this Skillshare class you'll learn about different types of markers and brands, the color system behind it, basic strokes and techniques and get some fun exercises to get started.

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Coloring with markers - Creating effects with the blender

This course is about the colorless blender and all the fun effects you can create with it. With a bunch of exercises and a fun class project you’ll expand your marker skills and at the same time create a row of professional and commercial illustrations that you can include in an illustration portfolio.

This is a follow up to my first class about markers - The fundamentals of coloring with markers (see below).

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