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If it's about patterns and illustrations

I'm your colleague!

Hi, I'm Bärbel, a former marketeer turned designer ,
now on a quest to bring you showstopping  pattern designs
while building my creative empire
- sharing the experiences
and skills I pick up along the way


Bear Bell Productions was founded as a
protest to being stuck the impossible

To create a platform for patterns and creative business shortcuts in this jungle of pattern design


That’s my business statement right there and while not having anything to do with either bears or bells it is a mission to solve the problems of finding unique and showstopping prints for product businesses, as well as offering savvy shortcuts for fellow pattern designers and help them build their pattern businesses in the ways that I can.

The business name Bear Bell Productions derives from a play with how you pronounce my first name (Bärbel) in English and the fact that when starting my business I had lot’s of ideas of what I would do - or produce - and didn’t want to narrow it down to only one thing. A strategy of variety I’ve stuck to, which is also kind of rebellious against what everybody says about business strategy...

The protest against what’s impossible and comfortable - long story made short (read the whole story) - is about how I for a long while didn’t have the bravery to quit my safe and well paid job to start something completely from scratch. A no experience, education or clients kind of impossible thing. Until the alternative, to stay at my long since overdue uninspiring job at a 2 hour commute office felt even more impossible and made me take the leap. 

Bear Bell Production is about variety, defying norms and enabling me to do what I love - and letting you gain from the experience.

Want to know more?
Here's a closer look at the different pillars of Bear Bell Productions


I started Bear Bell Productions in 2015, after a long career in marketing - a background that is perfect when you start up a business. Being an entrepreneur is my passion and blessing, to be able to work from home and live a creative life.

Pattern designer & illustration artist

I create patterns for all kinds of industries and products and right now you can see some of my patterns on printed leather which is then made into clogs and sandals and soon I have some more fun announcements to make about new collaborations.

 I also make illustrations to be used for art prints, wall art, greeting cards, websites, magazines, book covers - to mention a few examples.


<< Take a tour in the illustration gallery >>

Graphic designer

Now and then I take on projects for graphic design and marketing - from branding concepts with logos and visual identities, marketing assets, ads and merchandise.

<< View my current work and collaborations >>

Producer & teacher

Another pillar of Bear Bell Productions is teaching. I produce and teach online courses in pattern design, illustration and using professional markers on a global educational platform called Skillshare.

<< Learn more about Skillshare >>

<< Check out my courses >>


And last but not least I market a selection of printed products with my pattern designs through my web shop: some are made to order by me or by manufacturers in Sweden - like trays, pillow cases, bags and clogs. I also offer printed products like fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, phone cases, art prints and home textiles through the print-on-demand services of Spoonflower, Roostery and Society6.

<< Visit the bear bell web shop >>


If  you want to sell any of my products you are welcome to send me an email.

I'm always open to collaborations.