Bärbel Dressler is the designer behind Bear Bell Productions with a focus on creating pattern designs for home textiles, home decor, fashion and shoes. You can see some of her patterns on curtains, pillows and fabric by the yard as well as clogs, sandals and soon also on childrens apparel (to be launched in 2019).

Born and raised in Falkenberg on the west coast of Sweden a big source of inspiration comes from the ocean and beach life, but also from vintage textiles and motifs that she finds in museum archives and books. Today she works from her home studio in Vega, just south of Stockholm. Bärbel also does commission freelance graphic design as well as produces online courses where she teaches and shares all her knowledge about pattern design, illustration and markers.



Bärbel Dressler är designern bakom företaget Bear Bell Productions, med fokus på mönster och print för hemtextilier, heminredning, kläder och skor. Du hittar några av hennes mönster på gardiner, kuddar och metervara, samt träskor, sandaler och snart även på kläder för barn (lanseras under 2019). 

Uppvuxen på västkusten i Falkenberg hämtar hon mycket inspiration från hav och strand, men också från antika textilier och motiv från museiarkiv och böcker. Idag jobbar hon från sin hemma-ateljé i Vega strax söder om Stockholm. Bärbel gör även frilansuppdrag inom grafisk design, samt producerar onlinekurser där hon undervisar och delar med sig av sina kunskaper inom mönsterdesign, illustration och professionella tuschpennor, sk ”markers”.


Bear Bell Productions was founded as a
protest to being stuck in the impossibilities

"To be a hub of pattern- and creative business shortcuts"


That’s my business statement right there and while not having anything to do with either bears or bells it is a mission to solve the problems of finding unique and showstopping prints for product businesses, as well as offering savvy shortcuts for fellow pattern designers and help them build their pattern businesses in the ways that I can.

The name Bear Bell Productions derives from a play with how you pronounce my first name (Bärbel) in English and the fact that when starting my business I had lot’s of ideas of what I would do - or produce - and didn’t want to narrow it down to only one thing. A strategy of variety I’ve stuck to, which is also kind of rebellious against what everybody says about business strategy...


My story

Long story made short, it's about how I for a long while didn’t have the bravery to quit my safe and well paid job to start something completely from scratch - a no experience, no education, zero clients kind of starting point. Until the alternative, to stay at my long since overdue uninspiring job at a 2 hour commute office felt even more impossible and eventually made me take the leap.  Read more >>

Bear Bell Production is about variety, defying norms and do what feels ring, not what we should, and sharing my experience and knowledge with others who wants to break free too.


What I do all day (and some evenings)

The pillars of Bear Bell Productions and how I bring home the bacon:


1. Pattern designer & illustration artist

I create patterns for all kinds of industries and products - for example home textiles, fabric and printed leather and recently launched my collaboration with Svanefors Textil.

I also create illustrations and patterns to be used for art prints, wall art, greeting cards, websites, magazines, book covers - to mention a few examples.


<< read about my collaboration with Svanefors >>


2. Graphic designer

Now and then I take on projects for graphic design and marketing - from branding concepts with logos and visual identities, marketing assets, ads and merchandise.

<< View my current work and collaborations >>


3. Producer & teacher

Another pillar of Bear Bell Productions is teaching. I produce and teach online courses in pattern design, illustration and using professional markers on a global educational platform called Skillshare.

<< Learn more about Skillshare >>

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3. Printed products

And last but not least I produce a selection of printed products with my pattern designs that I sell in my web shop: some are made to order by me or by manufacturers in Sweden - like trays, pillow cases, bags and clogs. I also offer printed products like fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, phone cases, art prints and home textiles through the print-on-demand services of Spoonflower, Roostery and Society6.

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