Quitting your day job is a lesson of power

So I've told you in a previous post that I had to stay at my uninspired, but safe and money generating job in marketing for different reasons. Well, they all boil down to fear of taking risks doesn't it? Fear of not having money to pay bills is quite a valid one. Fear of failing and be revealed as untalented are just silly.

The thought of resigning my job was constantly on my mind though, and actually it had been for years before I actually did it. I guess the idea of just quitting was constantly on my mind that I eventually just got used to it and it didn't feel as scary and absurd anymore. But the final push came from my husband. (He must have been so tired of my constant talk of how I just wanted to do something creative with my life that he one day told me to just do it. "You have to quit your job", he said. "You can't go on like this." I guess he had seen how it all sucked the life out of me too. "If you really want this, we can make it happen." So we sat down and did some calculations and actually saw a window of opportunity. There were some sacrifices that had to be done, surely, but they also meant scaling down our lives, making it more simple even - and once that was clear to us it sounded amazing. Without Johan I'm not sure I would have taken that very important next step.

The steps I took to formally start my business were important, sure, but not as important or big as resigning from my safe and well paid job. And even though I had imagined the day when I gave my work notice many times, my heart was pounding like crazy when I went to my boss office that day (April 17 2015), I was actually really nervous. Afterwards I felt such a great relief that is hard to describe. It was the iconic weight off my shoulders. If I had been able to do this everything was possible, I could do anything I was taking on! The fear of what would happen next was just gone. Ahead of me was only possibilities. Possibilities to create anything I wanted.

So if you, like me, are considering doing something similar, my advice is to just go ahead and do it. That exhilarating feeling of your own power of decisiveness and capability alone is worth it. And knowing that it's in you own hands now, what to do with you life - that is an enormous kick and a powerful life lesson. From that experience there is just one way to go - forward. And that's what you'll do. Trust that. Believe it. You will.