My first (foot)print in the world of patterns made me feeling like a hamster


My first commission actually came before I even started Bear Bell Productions. It was from an old friend who had seen one of my euphoric posts on Facebook about the patterns I'd made. His company makes and sells clogs and sandals, and also clog bottoms to other clog manufacturers. He was wondering if I could make a pattern for a new and improved clog bottom that he was planning to produce. Hell yeah, I did and got started right away. The result was a pattern consisting of shapes of hearts and circles composed in a way that it could be viewed as both flowers and four leaf clovers. A clog bottom prototype was made, approved and then set in production. Even though I still at this point didn't understand that this was something I could do, it was a very important step on my journey to become a pattern designer. 

I remember thinking though that this was so much fun, and that I could do this everyday and never tire of it. The problem was that it wasn't up to me. At least that's how it felt then. How could I start a completely new career just like that? Who was I to think that I had what it took to become a designer? No education, no professional experience whatsoever. Going back to school - design school? Uhm, no thanks. I had a family, house, cars, mortgages, insurances and everything else that needed two incomes. I felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel. The dream was just too big, too impossible and too overwhelming, unreachable. I was too old, it was too late...