Focus and stay true to your heart

Brians web-& hair, Antiques and Cleaning service or Fire sealing and Sewing machines.
Being a multi tasker is a positive thing, right and you have to do what it takes to bring home the bacon, but having a business with too many different directions makes a fragmented and message to your target group - you potential clients and customers. "What is it I can buy from this company? A straight perm or a website?" It will also make it really difficult to focus your marketing and convey a clear message in all your communication.

When I had quit my job I probably needed some kind of security blanket, something safe to hold on to when I was thinking about the fact that I probably wouldn't make any money creating patterns for quite a while yet (I was bold, but not naive). So I thought that maybe offering my proven skills of marketing and project management as a service would be a great part of my business and a way to make money. My plan was to offer my services as a marketing consultant, writing copy at the same time as I was designing patterns and creating illustrations.

The first problem I faced with this set up - and that I should have taken as a red flag - was that my business card became very crowded. I solved it by making two different versions - one for the marketing consultant and copy branch and one for pattern design and illustration (both naive and schizophrenic). Well, it was a step on my journey. And a learning. As a startup you have to make som trial and error. That's for sure.

Not hard to tell where my true passion was even on the business cards.

Not hard to tell where my true passion was even on the business cards.

Soon enough things became clearer and it didn't take that long for me to realize what I really wanted to focus on. I went to an interview for a marketing job where I was to work three days a week where I would help the company with a variety of marketing activities. After the interview I felt weird. The thought of doing those tasks again made me depressed. So I said thanks but no thanks when they offered me the job and felt enormously grateful of finally knowing who I was now and what I wanted. I was Bärbel, a designer and all I wanted to do was to spend my days drawing.