Winter Magic and a Christmas offering

Stockholm is struck by a half meter of snow and it's like living in a muffled, magical and narnian world made of snowy pinetrees and snowy bending branches transforming the streets into fairy tale corridors. It really gets me in the mood for what I'm working on right now - a pattern collection called "Winter Magic", a theme that is inspired by just that enchanted feeling of the first snow and awaiting Christmas. 

This year I can add to the Christmas shopping frenzy, by offering my own products, something that didn't exist last year. It's so awsome to make that observation, the consequence of those small steps I've taken during the past year and the difference between then and now. To celebrate that I offer two of my products with a Christmas discount. I hope you like them :-)


You can check out the offers and other Bear Bell Christmas present tips in the Bear Bell webbshop >> Order there or by sending me an email at