The Clog Box

I'm really proud to announce that tomorrow evening I launch a new sales channel for my soft Sakura clogs! Inspired by my friends who work with health care.

This coming week "The Clog Box" will be at the neonatal unit at the new Karolinska Hospital (Karolinska sjukhuset), available for anyone that is interested in a pair of Bear Bell soft clogs :-).

I have friends who work in health care - at hospitals, medical- and care centers. They inspired me to design the pattern "Sakura" with cherry blossoms, buds and leaves in three different color ways. As you may know they have to wear working clothes, most places require white shirts and pants and the regulations of what they can wear are very restricted due to health and sanitary reasons. This means that they all look the same, and wear the same kind of clothes every work day, in comparison with the private sector, where you can wear whatever you want, you can dress up. But there is one thing where these every day heroes can make their work outfits personalized, colorful and inspiring- and that is the shoes. 

So to make it easy and comfortable for them to try out and get a look and feel of the clogs before they order I created "The Clog Box" or "Prova-på-lådan" in Swedish.

This box has all sizes from 35 to 41 (size 42 will be included shortly). It displays all models and all three colors and provides thee easy ways to order and pay: 
1) If you want to pay with Swish or you Internet bank:
      a) order with the order form provided in the box.
      b) order by sending me an e-mail or sms.
2) If you want to pay with PayPal or credit card:
      - go to the Bear Bell web shop and place your order.

Would you like to borrow The Clog Box and bring to your work? Send me an email to and we'll see what can be done! At the moment I can only lend it to the Stockholm area.