A pattern and ceramic art project

A while ago my friend and ceramics artist Lisa Hammar Posse contacted me after seeing a picture of my pattern SAKURA on clogs. She was looking for an artist to do a collaboration. Lisa herself is an amazing artist, educated florist and very skilled potter, and has a unique style, with her own niche with something called Raku Dolls. (Raku is a ceramic manufacturing method originated in Japan) She asked me if I was up for creating something together and make a special edition of Raku Dolls, painted in one of my patterns. I was delighted of course, an art project!

And together with Lisa, I am now proud to present the finished result: Raku Dolls meets Bear Bell. Two pieces of art in one. Each piece hand painted and unique.

Please check out Lisa and her other ceramic artifacts here and Instagram @hammarposse for amazing images and to read more about Raku. 
If you want your own unique Raku Doll meets Bear Bell, send me an email at barbel.dressler@bearbellproductions.se.