Bag dreaming

How cool wouldn't it be to have your own line of bags! I had a scrap of fabric from my Adrian Paisley pillow cases left and decided to try to make a handbag with it. I found a pattern that I really liked and started to gather all the stuff and materials that was required. The pattern was classified as medium in a scale of how difficult it was to make, but I have done a lot of sewing and have a quite well developed brain hand connection from all the drawing, so I thought this couldn't be too hard, right?

After a couple of weeks (had to wait for some of the materials I ordered online), a couple of mistakes, like sewing the inner pocket on the wrong side of the lining, a countless number of needle pinches, bloody thumbs and textile glue all over - it was finally finished.

The whole project made me proud in many ways. Firstly, that I actually made it, myself. Secondly that the result was even better than I could have imagined. Ok, I wouldn't look at some of the sems too closely, and there is glue in places where it shouldn't, but it came out beautiful.

And now I'm starting to dream about making bags - hand bags, travellers, shoppers, tote-bags, make-up bags. The ideas are endless right now. And it would also be a great way to show my patterns.

There are a few challenges though:
- The materials were way too expensive. If I want to sell bags I have to have a reasonable pricing and therefore I have to find direct suppliers for all the materials, which is a bloody jungle and a full time job for a week.
- Who will sew? I could make a few I guess, but need to find someone that might be able to help me in the long run. Someone a bit more professional...
- The biggest challenge though is to pick what patterndesigns to use. I have to print new fabric for this, and I have a few favorites to choose between. But which ones will it be?

Here are four mock-ups I made, just to visualize some of the patterns I'm considering. Which one do you like?