Get your own Bear Bell fabrics, gift wrap and wallpaper

I’m really excited and happy to tell you that since a few weeks I now have my own Bear Bell Spoonflower Shop where a selection of my patterns are available on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. So now you can order Bear Bell patterns for your own projects!

It started when I was on the hunt for someone who could printmy patterns on fabric in a small scale without blowing up my budget. I had heard about Spoonflower before but not really grasped what it was. Now I stumbled over it again and did some research and found that this was probably the best option I had. So I tried it and was very pleased with the result. It’s digital print with a good quality, great color display, and you can order very small units to a reasonable price. And the service is really simple and easy to use. So far I have printed the fabric for my Bear Bell Bags and some Christmas gift wrap and I’m very happy with them.

This is Spoonflower
Spoonflower is a US based Print On Demand (POD) company where anyone can design a pattern, print their patterns on different materials and products for themselves or to sell. They use digital print and have a factory in Germany too, which allows a really smooth and reasonably fast delivery. Besides providing a printing on demand service you can also buy products such as pillows, chairs, towels, napkins etc. Read more about Spoonflower >>