Learn how to make an Indan floral pattern

I'm happy to announce that my new Skillshare course on Classic Pattern Designs is live. In this one I share everything I know about the Indian floral pattern style. This is one of my favorites because of it's beauty and complexity - and especially - because it has such an interesting history.


In the course you'll learn the history behind the pattern, how it has evolved and what influenced it - and how it became so popular in Europe during the 17th to 19th centuries.

The class is packed with information, drawing exercises and tutorials so that you will have everything you need to make an Indian floral pattern of your own!

To access the course you have to be a Skillshare member though. If you'd like to take the class this link will give you a 2 month free trial of the Skillshare premium membership (where you'll access thousands of other classes too). You can cancel at any time.

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Introduction video