100 days of drawing challenge

I'm definitely out on deep waters. I know myself and discipline is not one of my strongest traits of personality. So to commit myself to a challenge where I'm promising myself to create one drawing every day for 100 days straight seems bound to fail - considering my history of creating a new habit. But I guess it's like with everything in this world - it's all about motivation and where to find it.

2017-12-31 11.25.43.jpg

This is the challenge:
Together with a bunch of fellow creatives I've met through The Roost Tribe (a creative community founded and run by US designer Bonnie Christine and her blog Going home to roost) I've commited myself to create one drawing per day for 100 days in a row, starting from Jan 1st to April 11th.

To make sure I follow through I've created a challenge plan:
- I will draw for at least 20 minutes a day and create one drawing/illustration, every day.
- On weekdays I will do my daily drawing in the morning, right after I've done my morning exercises (actually another 100 day challenge I've put up for myself that will run parallell to the drawing challenge). On weekends I have to make the drawing before lunch (or I'm not getting any, have to have a whip too, not only carrots).
- To make myself accountable to this challenge and increase the chance to succeed I will post my daily deliverable on Instagram - plus on the challenge Facebook group twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays). I will also share my process now and then here on the blog.
- The theme will be commercial illustrations. I will draw products of all sorts, imaginary or from known brands. It can be beauty products, makeup, food products, beverages, jewelry, shoes, clothes, interior details - anything that could be viewed as an advertisement for a brand.
- At the end I will create a video showing a timelapse of all my 100 illustrations to publish on my platforms.
- As a reward I get to buy art supplies worth of 1000 SEK / ~$115 / ~€95.

The reasons for doing this challenge are many, but the most important ones are that I really need  to practice not to be a perfectionist in everything I do. My process (in everything) is too slow, I get stuck on details, that everything has to be so perfect all the time, and it definitely holds me back in many ways.
Another good reason to do this is to connect with other creatives.
The third one that's actually consisting of several in the same are is commercial - to create content, art that sells, new ideas for Skillshare classes, connect with companies and brands.

The challenge was initiated by Dylan Mierzwinski - both a Roost Tribe & Skillshare colleague to me and such a fun and inspiring person. If you don't know her already you definitely should check her Instagram account. She has started a Facebook group for the challenge that you can join if you want to be a part of the challenge too.