Learn to make a Toile de Jouy pattern

Have you ever looked at a Toile de Jouy pattern and wondered how someone could ever make such a complex and detailed pattern? And perhaps you wanted to make one yourself, but thought it seemed too difficult?

As a part of my own personal pattern design education I started to study classic pattern designs like the Toile de Jouy to see what I can learn from them. And I discovered that this was a great way to develop my own design skills. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with others that want to learn more about pattern design. And that’s why I started creating a series of Skillshare courses I call Classic Pattern Designs. The first one is about the Toile de Jouy. 


This is one of my favorite pattern styles, History nerd and 18th century freak as I am. And if it wouldn’t be considered slightly insane to walk around in one of those wide and hooped rococo dresses I probably would! That’s how much of an rococofile I am. That’s probably not a real word, so I guess I just invented that...

Here is the introduction video:

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The history behind the pattern - the story on how this particular pattern style evolved and became the classic it is today.

- Different styles, what influenced the Toile de Jouy designs and what characterizes the patterns.

- With some fun illustrating exercises we'll practice how to draw like an 18th century Toile designer so that you can mimic the style in your own Toile pattern.

- How to plan your pattern, gather source material and create a color palette.

- How to compose and create your motifs.

Digitalizing your illustrations - how to best scan and vectorize your pattern motifs in Adobe Illustrator.

Editing your motifs in Adobe Illustrator.

- How to assemble your Toile motifs into a pattern repeat in three different layout styles.

- How to color and recolor your Toile pattern.

This is an intermediate to advanced course, so you should be at least acquainted with Illustrator and also know a bit about how a pattern repeat works and is constructed.

So, are you ready to learn to make a Toile de Jouy pattern yourself? Well, what are you waiting for? Join me in class right now.

Some lessons contains a lot of drawing and illustrating and if you feel that drawing isn't your strong side yet a tip is to take my other course first, called "Artistic Illustrations - Learn how to draw from objects and images".

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