Miss having colleagues?

This is a call for all pattern designers and illustrators, who live and work in Sweden and especially if you are in the Stockholm area: For some time now I’ve been having this idea about creating a work-along. A session where everyone interested gather in a place somewhere in central Stockholm, café or similar, and work alongside each other (or perhaps just network and chat a bit). I know there are a lot of us out there, sitting in our home studios, perhaps most often, or always, alone. And although we love this way of work and lifestyle, we sometimes wish we had colleagues to drink coffee with, chat about work or other things and work together with. I also strongly believe in the power of many and to help and support each other on our creative journeys. So a work-along can be a simple and fun way to get all this. Together we can discuss the Swedish market for pattern design and illustration - what we lack, news, give tips, share knowledge and perhaps even find collaborations opportunities, as well as new friends. We could bring any kind of work or project with us, anything that’s portable - it could be your sketch pad, pens and colors, or your laptop and get some copy- or planning done. We could meet up in a café or find a conference room somewhere - I don’t know exactly how this would work but it would certainly be fun to try out. The ambition is simple, it shouldn’t cost more than the bus ticket and a cup of coffee. So... anyone interested? If you are give me a comment here or send me an email to barbel@bearbell.se and I’ll get back to you with the next step.