Business planning progress: September review & October goals


I’m almost embarrassed to write this post, because making the monthly review made me realize I’ve been sooooo bad at sticking to my plans this passed month. And I think I really need to analyze why this happened.

But first, humbly and with a red face, let me walk you through my September goals and how I did.


September recap - what the heck happened?

Monthly goals

1. (Personal) Take a day off on my birthday and do something else/new.
Nope, didn’t happen and I know why. I came up with this idea too late so I didn’t make a concrete plan for what to do on this day, so I postponed it and forgot about it completely.

2. (Personal) Date with my husband.
Nope, never did that, but we have one planned for this coming Saturday. So why didn’t it happen in September? Lazyness… oh, and the timing for grandma who’s gonna have the kids.

3. (Personal) Hosting a dinner for friends.
Yes, we did that. It was with my sister and her family and we had a mexican evening with lots of good food and conversation.

4. (Personal) Hang out w. a friend one evening.
No, never did that. But have something really fun planned for October though that will make up for it tenfolds, see below.

5. (Business) 1 new pattern collection completed.
Ha ha ha ha. Let me just say… no. But I did start the work, but if you know me you’ll not be surprised to hear that I made a veeery elaborate pattern as a hero pattern for the new collection that took a week to make, realized I wasn’t very happy about the theme, and started another veeeeery elaborate pattern. Oh, well. I was creative and had fun.

6. (Business) Start up new teaching project.
Well, I sort of started up two, so check & check on that one.

7. (Business) Update portfolio.
No. No idea before the new collection is done.

8. (Business) Serve logo client well & finalize design.
No. Client is kinda taking it’s time for giving feedback, but we’re on the end side now at least.

9. (Business) Contact 3-4 companies.
No. Wanted to have updated portfolio for that + the new web project finished and published.

10. (Business) Wrap up website project.
Almost done. There are some technical issues I need to solve before publishing this new service that I will provide for my business clients. So I’ll move this one over to my October goals.

11. (Business) New products in the webshop.
Done! But, this is something that needs to be continued as there are more to be published and updated.

12. (Business) Fully planned and batched marketing tasks.
Ok, this one started out very well, but then fell inbetween. So I will give thise one another go the coming month. So answer to if I reached this goal or not: I’d have to say NO.

13. (Business) 2 media pitches.
Nope, didn’t do this at all. But I have a clear idea of what, how and where, so I think I’m gonna give myself another shot at this.

14. (Business) Record 2 videos for my email list.
YES! I did this for the File organizing tutorials.

15. (Business) Products for the Design Market ready to go.
Yes, also done!

My private goals are apparently not very prioritized in my plans. Only 1 of 4 done. Not very good on a life/work balance.

Business goals: Well just by looking at the list of 11 (!) goals tells me that I put way too much on my plate this time. As a time optimist that is very easy to do. I spent a lot of time on my website project and producing for the design market.

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Weekly goals

1. Schedule pins for 1 week ahead.
I did quite well on this one. Not perfect but good enough. Pat on the back..

2. Create 1-2 new patters (every week).
Ooops, just did 1,5 during the whole month. But did a lot of thinking and planning, so I feel a bit more ready to get started on this now.

3. Admin Fridays.
Hm, I didn’t do the bookkeeping every single Friday, or other admin tasks just on this day. But I’ll keep this as a time slot for coming weeks, because I think it’s a good routine if I can just get it going more steady. It may be 5 minutes or 2 hours.

4. No working during weekends.
Ha ha ha ha. That’s all I have to say about that.

5. Have one screen/digital free day.
Difficult one, but great idea. On my way there though.


There are some new and old routines here and I think I’ll need to give the new ones some time to settle.

Daily goals

1. Exercise or take a walk.
OMG, this one is good, but I’m sooo bad at this. Just haven’t felt like it. Still don’t. Perhaps I should just let it go and be grateful whenever I get off my chair and do it.

2. Close the business att 17 pm.
See nr 4 on Weekly goals.

3. Only check emails 3 times a day.
Not perfect, but getting better.

4. Only check social media once in the morning and once in the evening.
I think this is an impossible goal. I have to review that one to a more reasonable one. Still with restrictions though.


Discipline and motivation. The conclusion lies in there somewhere.

October goals - what I want to do

Considering the fail of accomplishing all the things I set out to do in October, I’ll be a bit more restrictive and reasonable in the amount of projects to assign to myself in October. A good thing is to consider what is the best thing for me and my business to do at this point. What is necessary, a must do, and what can wait?

Monthly goals

With that in mind, here are my new goals, the projects I think I need to do in October:

1. (Business) 1 new pattern collection.
The reasons: I need to practice more and develop my design skills. Plus I need more patterns to present if I want to exhibit at design trade shows later on.

2. (Business) Start to update portfolio.
I’m setting “start to” since I first need to complete a new collection to also include in the portfolio.

3. (Business) Finish up my website project.
Which means solving the tech issues, publish and launch.

4. (Business) Finalize logo for client.

5. (Business) Create workshop for my email list.
This one is going to be fun and about making a 3-year plan including a plan for 2019.

6. (Business) Batch write 4 blogposts & 2 newsletters.

7. (Business) 50 new images.
To use in all my channels during the coming month. So this means doing a couple of photoshoots, editing and creating new pattern swatches.

8. (Business) Attend Design Market Sthlm.
And do really well (sell as much as I can).

9. (Personal) 1 date with hubby.

10. (Personal) 1 family activity during fall break.

11. (Personal) Weekend of hiking and spa in Vemdalen with friends.

I had a lot more goals jotted down at first, but forced myself to postpone and clear out some of them to make my list more reasonable and possible to actually achieve.

Weekly goals

1. Continue with my Monday morning pin-scheduling.

2. Admin Fridays. Including reviewing the week passed and planning for the coming week.

3. No working on Sundays. Not connected to any religious ambitions, just feels reasonable.

4. 1 digital/screen free day. Let’s make it Sundays. Perhaps it will give me a religious revelation…

5. Set up a weekly to do list and tasks to accomplish every week.

Daily goals

1. Brush my teeth before lunch.

2. Move my body in any way.

3. Check emails & social media 3 times a day, max.

4. Document what I spend my time on, hours and tasks.

I need to create some kind of tool or help to remind me of these goals, so I’m creating a sheet to put on my pinboard in front of me to refer to every morning and during the day.


Do you want to make monthly business goals as well? Here’s a free template or workbook that you can use as a guide or inspiration.