Business planning progress: November review & December goals


Time goes by so quickly and I’m up for another monthly review and planning new goals for December. I’m diving into it right away. First up is a review of November. What went according to plan and what didn’t?




1. Finish the new pattern collection. - CHECK I finished it! Soon I’ll share some images.

2. Finish the portfolio update & send to 3 companies. -Updated the whole portfolio layout and most of the pages, including the new collection. But only updated 1 book and sent to 1 company.

3. Contact 3 companies & send invitation to the pattern bank. - Not exactly. Did invite 1 company + got 2 requests for accessing to whom I also created accounts. We’ll see if that will bring something.

4. Serve a client well, with a new bespoke pattern design. - Started this project.

5. Start producing a new Skillshare course. - YES! I’m in full swing on this one, and on plan too! Which is amazing.

6. Attend a business exhibition and listen to 3 lectures. - I went, and listened to 1 talk. The other 2 weren’t that interesting and I chose to go home and do some good work instead. Good decision by me.

7. Plan ahead 1 month of content for Instagram. - Eh, no. Perhaps you’ve noticed, I’ve been kinda low on Instagram the past weeks. Just needed to focus on other things.

8. Batch write 4 blogposts and send out 2 newsletters. Nope. Same here. Had do focus on the course production and client work.

9. Make a time management tool and document my time and tasks. YEP, did that and it works really well, so I will definitely continue with this one.


10. Start my (vegetarian) diet again + loose 3 kg. I think I’ll postpone this one to next year…

11. 1 date with Johan. Perhaps another museum. YES, we went to see ”A star is born”. Great movie.

12. Visit the William Morris exhibition at Millesgården. No. Didn’t make time for this one. But it’s there for another couple of months.


1. Publish at least 1 blogpost every week. FAIL. Took a conscious decision on this one though. Had nothing to say and no time to come up with something.

2. Continue and ramp up my Monday morning Pin-scheduling. Nope. Didn’t ramp up anything here. Actually let it go for the past two weeks. Taking the pressure off of me for a little while.

3. Continue my admin Fridays where I do bookkeeping, review the past week and plan for the next. Did ok on this one, almost every Friday, some weeks I did it onon Saturday instead.

4. Continue my work free Sundays. YES. I’m doing really well on this one. Thank god! Made it digital free Sundays as well. Feels reeeeaaaally good.


1. Brush my teeth before 9 am. Did really well on this one too. I’d say 70%.

2. Take a walk for at least 10 minutes. I’ve improved here and been taking walks a couple of times a week at least. 

3. Continue my 3 times a day limit for checking messages and social media. CHECK. It sort of came automatically when I let myself off of the daily Instagram posts.

4. Document my time and productivity. Did ok. With the new time management tool I’ve created and used it’s an all in one thing.





1. Update the two remaining portfolio books with new pages. For the completed book I used a spray glue at first, but it smelled so bad that I had to make new pages and use a glue stick to be able to finish and send it on time. So now I have a few pages that are already done, and now I found that the glue needed to air for a couple of weeks for the smell to disappear. So now I’ll use the spray for the remaining pages and let dry until after new year and then assemble the books. So I’ll contact 2 new companies then too.

2. Serve my commission pattern client. Hopefully we can finish the project during the month, but I’m a bit sceptic that will happen as they are quite busy to respond with feedback as planned. 

3. Finish the new Skillshare course and do all the promotion.

4. Plan my 2019 and at the same time do it as a workshop/challenge for anyone who want’s help and support for planning theirs.

5. Attend Christmas design market and try to sell out as much of my products as possible as I’m moving towards scaling of physical products.

5. Take early Christmas holiday and time off. I’m aiming for December 20th the latest and then come back a few days after New Year.


1. Go all in for Christmas, with all traditions and decorations.

2. Visit a Christmas market with the family.

3. Visit Millesgården and the William Morris exhibition.



1. Pick up my Monday pinning process.

2. Continue with admin-, bookkeeping- & planning Fridays.


1. Do a ”morning meeting” to go over the daily to do list.

2. Do a ”end of day” wrap up to review what got done and what didn’t and log my time spent on different projects and tasks.


1. Take a walk

2. Go to bed at 10.30 pm at the latest.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this month, since I really want to have as slow December as possible.

How did you November go and what are you planning for December?

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