Get motivated to start a newsletter


”Everyone” keep saying you should have a mailing list and newsletter and that it’s the no 1 thing they wish they’d started sooner when it comes to their business or blog or project. I always thought that it was a too big of a commitment to make. Hey, I can’t even commit to do one drawing a day in the #100days2018 challenge (big sigh). And what would I write about? So I postponed, and postponed. There were just so many other things that needed my focus and attention…


Then I started thinking about what creating a newsletter really means. Not the purpose of it, not the value I would gain from it, i.e. all those reasons ”everyone” is talking about. No, what dawned on me was the process itself for creating every issue. Which I realized was:

  1. Coming up with ideas for articles and content. Like reoccurring themes and sections that can be a series or a read thread for my newsletter - I love brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas!

  2. Writing the stories - I love writing, it’s actually my hobby!

  3. Finding or creating images or graphics - Hey, I´m an artist/designer, what’s not to love about that?

Another thing - I remembered that I was the customer magazine editor for the big global car brand I used to work for and that was one of my favorite responsibilities and tasks back then. And making a newsletter is like making a mini magazine.

After realizing this I couldn’t wait to get started, because looking at it like that - creating a newsletter is right up my alley! (Can you see the lightbulb above my head?)

And about that what-to-write-about part, just by sitting down for a few minutes (see step 1 above) I quickly had a long list of ideas what to write about and that I thought other people might find interesting or entertaining, so that was just me trying to escape my shyness (typically Swedish).

What I’m trying to say with this little story is that everything that seems difficult, or too much pressure or responsibility or even boring - but is something [”everyone” is saying] you must do (like flossing every day or exercising) - with the right angle - it can be fun and enjoyable, not an obligation.

So, I just recently started a mailing list and a newsletter, late to the action as ever, but hey, better late than never, right?

Unless you haven't already, here you can subscribe to my newsletter and see what the fuss is all about.