10 things to get to know Skillshare and what YOU can get out of it

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’ve been ranting about this thing called Skillshare. If you are curious about what this Skillshare thing really is and if it’s something that you could benefit from too, here’s a 10 paragraph guide that will help you get to know Skillshare and see if it's for you. If you’re already acquainted with this phenomena and perhaps even a member then you can either stop reading, or… stick with me and see if there are some gold nuggets you haven’t discovered about Skillshare yet.

The time of knowledge (aka how to make money out of internet)

In the era we live in today, knowledge is queen. Actually, my theory is that when our descendants look back at the time of today, the first half of the 21st century, there is a great chance that they will name this period the time of knowledge (observe: not time of wisdom…). Or, it could also be named the time of ’people making money out of internet’.


And knowledge, sharing it and making it accessible to anyone is what Skillshare does. Here are 10 things for helping you get to know Skillshare and what you can get out of it:

1. Easy way to stay updated and educated
Skillshare’s vision is to make education available to anyone who wants to learn new skills in order to boost their careers, widen their opportunities and possibilities for work and success in todays world and economy. This means that you don’t have to go back to school or pay a loooot of money to learn something new or expand your skills in order to keep up with all the fast changes that happens in the work market today.

2. Learn on you conditions
Skillshare is a platform for on-line courses, and you take the courses when you want to, at home, during lunch, in the middle of the night, in the pace you like and suits you. You can watch a course over and over again. I sure do. Hello Bonnie Christine!

3. Anything you want to learn (almost)
There are thousands of courses covering all kinds of topics - design, photography, film making, animation, art, fictional writing, copywriting, business, marketing, social media, technical subjects, languages, cooking, yoga, sewing, crocheting, architecture and much more. For example, if you want to start you own design business you will find a lot of the stuff you need to learn on Skillshare - from learning how to use Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, to business planning, sales and marketing. How to build and grow you on-line presence and following. Oh, and not to forget, how to make money out of internet…

4. Learn by doing
All classes on Skillshare are project based, which means that when you have taken a class you get an assignment where you get to practice and use all the things you’ve just learned. This is optional of course, you decide what your project is going to be and you can for example use a project you are working on or want to start. It’s also very rewarding and inspiring to check out your fellow classmates projects.

5. Make new friends from all over the world
Although Skillshare is a US based company, the students and teachers on Skillshare come from all over the world and one of the biggest upsides to Skillshare is that you can get to know all kinds of people and make connections that you never would have otherwise. 

6. Be ready to be pepped
Skillshare is not only a place where you can learn new stuff, it’s also a community and a big part of the learning process is to support and boost other students. The tone and atmosphere between students is super friendly and it seems like everyone is eager to help you if you encounter a problem or have a question. You can also interact and get personal feedback from the teachers. It will give you a pep and energy boost for sure.

7. Bonus: expand your English skills
All courses are taught in English but it’s easy to understand and follow even if English isn’t your native tounge. Although I consider myself good at English (lived in the US for a couple of years) Skillshare has been a great way to stay updated with the language - both written and speaking. I’ve picked up so many new words, expressions and phrases.

8. A lot for you buck
There are two types of memberships on Skillshare. The first one is a free membership, you don’t pay anything and get access to a whole lot of courses, limited of course, but still, it will get you well on your way. To become a free member you create an account and then you’re ready to browse through all classes and take all the ones categorized as free. You will also be able to view the intros/promos for the premium classes, but if you want to take the complete course you will have to upgrade to a premium membership.

The premium membership will give you access to over 18.000 courses in a wide range of topics. You can pay for a whole years membership which is currently $96 and billed annually, or you choose pay month by month which is $12. The annual payment is a bit cheaper with a cost of $8 a month.

Skillshare often have trial campaigns where you get to try it out first for free, for example, right now you can try it out for two months for free before you decide to jump on. And another great thing is that you can exit any time you want, even after you have become a premium and paying member. No strings attached so to speak.

9. Earn money
Besides learning a lot of stuff, you can also earn money on Skillshare. One way is to refer someone else to become a Skillshare member. I you recruit a friend for example you will earn a free month of you own membership = $8 or $12 per referral.

Another way to earn money on Skillshare is to become a teacher yourself. Yes, of course you can. If you have a skill or know something that others might want to learn, you can turn that into a course and make some money out of it. A teacher is payed by the minutes the students are watching your courses and there are actually teachers on Skillshare who makes their main part of their income through Skillshare.

Thirdly, if you are a teacher on Skillshare and recruit a new premium member you will get $10 per person.

A fourth way is to refer someone who you think would be a great teacher. For every person you refer and later publishes a course you will get $50.

This is called an affiliate program, you recruit students and teachers to Skillshare and you get a kick-back for it. This is one of the fastest growing business structures right now and helps a lot of people, bloggers and other creative business to make money.

10. Grow your following
As mentioned before, Skillshare is a community as well as an educational platform. It’s a great opportunity to network and create new connections all over the world.
Each student and teacher will have their own little corner on Skillshare - a personal profile where you can present yourself through text and images - who you are, where you’re from and what you do. One of the features in you profile is a following. You can follow teachers you like to get updates when they are posting new courses, discussions, announcements. You can also follow other students and be alerted when they are creating and updating new projects.

By interacting with teachers and other students by commenting on their courses and projects, posting your own projects you can grow your own following. And as a step two, on you profile you can link to your website, blog, shop, Instagram etc and give the visitors an easy road to connect with you outside of Skillshare too.

I’ve been a student on Skillshare since September 2015 and a teacher since December 2015. I’ve taken a countless number of classes myself which have helped me in so many ways to develop my skills as a pattern designer and how to run and develop my business. It has also opened up my eyes for a lot of new things outside of Skillshare, like other artists to be inspired by, communities, FB-groups, new business platforms and marketing opportunities. It has also become an important factor to be able to continue on my journey to become an established designer and illustrator, a journey that I consider is only started, although I’m well on my way. I have so far published two courses in pattern design, on on illustrating and two on coloring with markers. I'm currently working on another marker course and a new Classic Pattern Design course which I plan to publish during spring 2018.

Check out my current Skillshare courses on pattern design, illustration and markers

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Disclaimer: This post can be considered as an affiliate post, since I’m promoting links to become a Skillshare member etc, which will give me a kick-back. But, I’m writing this post on my own initiative and even if I weren’t a teacher on Skillshare and therefore a part of the affiliate program, I would still highly recommend it to others. (see my last paragraph above)