Save money showing your work using product mockups


Visualizing your pattern designs on real products is the best way to capture the attention of a client. But producing real products costs money and takes a lot of work. For example if you want to show how your design will look as a wallpaper to a creative director of a wallpaper company, you'd rather not have to custom print a wallpaper, mount it to a wall in your house and take a picture. That's where mockups are so great. They do job, but with a lot less cost and effort.


There are more ways to use mockups than for showing your work to a company too. In this video tutorial I show you for ways that I use mockups, a couple of tips where you can purchase mockups, and also how to create your own and then to apply your patterns to them using Photoshop.

Now I don't claim to be a Photoshop expert, but I'm sharing what I've learned myself from other excellent teachers. The technique for applying the pattern in Photoshop I've picked up from a course on Skillshare by Aga Kobylinska and I really recommend this class if you'd like to immerse in this technique some more.

A warning: making mockups is highly addictive!