Learn 5 techniques for creating shades with markers


Are you a marker fan like me? Do you like shoes? Then you have to check out my latest course on Skillshare! I just pressed publish and it is out!

This time we're going to immerse ourselves in creating realistic and detailed illustrations with contrast, shade and highligts.

In the course I show you 5 different techniques for creating shade with alcohol based markers and at the same time you'll learn how to use your marker collection in a much more flexible way, which also makes it easier to work around missing colours and shades.

The course is structured in a way that I show each technique first, what set of markers and colour groups you need and then you'll get exercises where you can practice each technique.

And all you shoe lovers are in for a treat. All exercises are shoe illustrations!

With the course you'll also get a free downloadable, printable color eBook with templates of all the exercise illustrations.

I hope I'll see you in class!


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And if you want to know more about how Pinterest can work for you and your business, read this article:

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Like coloring - and shoes?

Then I have a little tip for you; - a coloring eBook filled with 15 shoe illustrations for you to color with your favorite media. It's an extension of the free coloring eBook that you will get with the course above.


The illustrations are made with light gray outlines so that you easily can add shades, highlights, details, textures and embellishments like bows, jewels, ribbons, patterns, glitter, sequins - anything that your imagination and creativity comes up with.

You'll find it in my web shop. When buying it you'll immediately get a link where you download the eBook (pdf). Then you save and print it on paper suitable for the media you plan to use; for instance marker paper or water color paper etc.

The book is called Shoes! and costs 95 Swedish kronor (about €8.40 and $9.50).