Selected to be featured in Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide


Never thought I would, but I was selected by Uppercase Magazine* to be featured in their next and third issue of the SPDG** (Surface Pattern Design Guide), that will be published with their spring issue #41 in April. I’m really happy about it, but honestly, I never thought I’d be one of the selected designers.

So, when first seeing this opportunity in the feed of a Facebook group I’m in, my first thought was that the chances of being selected would probably be close to 0 as I realized that submissions would hit the roof (there was actually 674 of them in the end). So at first I ignored it.

But have you heard that story about the guy who went to his church/temple and prayed for the same thing, day in and day out? Every day he went to a specific statue and said: “Please, can you let me win the lottery so that I can provide better for my family?” Finally, after years of the same thing the statue got fed up and decided to anser him once and for all and said: “Buy a damn lottery ticket then so that I can grant your wish!”

And this is kinda typical, because I think a lot of us do that. We wish for something, a success of some sort, but won’t take the action that is required to even have the chance. A lot of times we’re scared, shy, insecure or plain lazy to do what needs to be done for making things happen. We may even think that we’re not good enough to deserve the success, and end up not applying, submitting or participating when the opportunity is right there in front of us.

Same goes with anything from a design competition to a simple Instagram giveaway. (And did you know, that most Instagram giveaways have really low numbers of participants, so the chances to win that cool art supply are very high?)

Actually, if I would share just one thing that I’ve learned during my years as entrepreneur, is that if you feel that you’re stuck, in status quo, that nothing happens - interact with the world in a new way, it can be as small as entering an Instagram competition, or emailing a question to someone you admire, or as big as sending your portfolio to a company. There will be rings on the water, somehow, in some way. Perhaps not in the way you want or expect, but things will happen and challenge the status quo.

So apparently I decided to apply for the SPDG, despite the competition and that it seemed nearly impossible to be selected - and really glad I did. Now I’m hoping that this action will make some rings on the water and I feel so excited to see what that might be.

*Uppercase Magazine is a quarterly print magazine about design, illustration and craft, with a focus on creativity and vintage and read worldwide. It’s created by UPPERCASE, a small independent publisher based in the US.

*The Surface Pattern Design Guide (SPDG) is a special part of UPPERCASE magazine that features the best in established and up-and-coming surface pattern designers. The second edition was published in 2017 and the next and third will be published with the spring issue in April.

If you’re interested in my entry submission you can see the designs I included below: