Join me in Bonnie Christines Immersion course on everything Pattern Design!


Yes! I finally decided to join Bonnie Christines 8 week design school called the Immersion Course. She taught it last year too, but then I was hesitant, both because I felt that perhaps I already had all that knowledge and also because I thought it was too much money for me at that point. But, oh man did I want to join… So I thought that I’d wait and see next year (the course is open for enrollments once a year in February).

So when Bonnie started to talk about that the enrollment week was coming up, I still really wanted to join. Now my thoughts on me “knowing it all” already had switched, especially seeing other designers I look up to and know already know a lot about the world of pattern design had joined and took the course last year. So now I REALLY wanted to join. But, I still felt it was too expensive for me.

Then something happened. I had been listening to podcasts, read blogposts, taken free seminars on everything from marketing, selling and course production and started to realize that if you want to create a future and career that is generating mone, you have to invest some too. And that that investment will become a springboard for you creating revenue multiple times that investment. In other words, if you want to make a change and make sure new things are happening in your life, you have to do something in a new manner. So I decided to not be so darn anxious anymore and start investing in myself. And making that decision, clicking that enroll and purchase button for the Immersion course - feels so darn good! I know great things will come with this.

Finally a design education to show

There is another thing that I think taking this course will help me with. Despite hours of online coursed and self studying I’ve always felt a little bit held back, or handicaped not having a “real” design education to show for and lean on. But I feel that the Immersion course is going to change that feeling. I will show it on my LinkedIn page, in my portfolio and resume.

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I’ve taken all Bonnies courses on Surface Pattern Design on Skillshare, and rewatch them even once in a while. They have taught me Adobe Illustrator, how to create artwork, find my signature style and start working on my portfolio.

But most of all? They’ve empowered and encouraged me to follow my BIGGEST dream.

I think it's important to set BIG goals. You know, the ones that are scary to say out loud because you think they may never come true?

The most important thing I’ve learned about those big goals is to not let them overwhelm you. Rather, let them inspire your small steps.

The best way to get started is simply that. You must start. I believe, this is where so many creatives get STUCK.

You need to know, when you're on step 2 or 3, you won't know what step 8 or 9 (or 6,321) looks like, but you'll know each step just in time to make them happen. Because you know what? Everything in life is possible if you're willing to put in the work. I believe that dreams come true by way of knowledge.

If you dream of being a successful artist, I really think that Bonnie’s course, Surface Pattern Design Immersion can help you tackle it.

And it would be so much fun if you’d like to join me as a student!

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About the Immersion course

The Immersion Course is comprehensive 8-week Online training program for anyone who wants to learn Adobe Illustrator, pattern design and the business of how to become a licensing artist.

Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. Bonnie Christine knows, the best way to accomplish your biggest goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in the community.

And trust me, she doesn’t hold anything back. (I’ve already checked out the syllabus for the course and taken the welcome wedge).

The incredibly comprehensive, 8 week course contains over 120 lessons, 90 videos and audio versions of all of the text based lessons so you can choose to engage however you prefer. The course is broken up into 8 modules, with lessons released at the beginning of each week. It may sound like a lot, but rest assured that I’ve broken it up into bite sized pieces that build upon each other and are easy to follow.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Module 1: Intro to Illustrator

  • Module 2: Illustrator Advanced

  • Module 3: Repeating Patterns Pro

  • Module 4: Working in Collection

  • Module 5: Designing a Portfolio

  • Module 6: Creating your Irresistible Package

  • Module 7: Propelling your Work into the World

  • Module 8: The Business of Surface Design

Enrollment is open February 19th - February 26th. It only opens once a year, so don’t delay.


I’ll meet you on the inside!


xo / Bärbel