A glimpse into what's cooking right now

I’m a curious person and love behind the scenes stories, and it struck me, perhaps there is someone out there that find it enlightening, or entertaining to get a behind the scenes at Bear Bell Productions. What I’m working on at the moment and why, new things at the horizon and other bits and pieces that make up my working life. I’d be really happy if this is valuable to you in any way. Perhaps it can give you inspiration, new ideas, motivation or just still your curiosity.

Welcome to my creative business!

Some news

First I’d like to tell you a piece of news. Fun news! Up till now I’ve been working alone, in my office/studio in our home in a suburb south of Stockholm, called Vega (in Haninge). But thanks to new friends I got to know through Swedish Pattern Society I now have an office that I go to once or twice a week. We are at the moment 4 people sitting together as colleagues - all some kind creative business with pattern design in common. But since some of my projects require working alone or specific equipment that I only have at home, I still work most days from home. This is the perfect mix for me and a dream come true!

At my desk in the new office.

At my desk in the new office.

At my desk in my home office.

At my desk in my home office.

Large development projects

I call it this because these are projects that are developing my business in some way.

Brand guidelines

I feel that I never really defined my brand before, so this is quite a big project I’m working on right now. When I started Bear Bell Productions I created a logo, and every time I’ve reworked my website, I’ve picked which fonts to use, but other than that I haven’t really done an intentional branding, including everything. And defining and creating a brand is a massive task, I tell you. It requires a lot of research, analysing and soul search. I have pulled my hair trying to figure out my business vision, mission, brand statement, my values, my why, how and what. And when that was in place it was time to decide on the visuals and how to reflect my brand with that. In the end I want the outcome to be a brand guidelines document that defines and describes my brand and that I can use to make sure I stick to this in all my communication. Right now I’m planning to create some brand patterns and illustrations to add texture. A huge help in this has been How to style your brand by Fiona Humberstone. I warmly recommend it if you’re thinking about working your brand too.

New website

A sub project to this brand project (still a large project though) is to create a new website. Again?!! you may say. Yes, I know, I’ve changed my website sooo many times, but it’s a process, and to be honest I think the fact that I haven’t had a well defined brand before is the reason to this. So when I’ve done my homework properly, there will be a new website. And then, hopefully, something to keep for a long time, with regular and relevant updates. Right now I’m in an analyze and brainstorming phase, where I try to figure out what I need to have on my website, what content and services. I also started looking at the website structure a bit.


This is also a sub project to the brand project above. I really need some new photos that will be useful for all kinds of purposes. I have an idea on location and now I’m planning what type of images I will need.

New course on Skillshare

Another big project I’m currently working on is a new Skillshare course. This one will be about illustration, so not a new Classic Pattern Design class yet. But, this course is closely related to two Classic Pattern Design courses I’m planning for later this year. I could actually call it a preparation course. Soon I will reveal more about the specific topic. At the moment I’m creating the class artwork and slides. Next week I hope I will be able to start filming.

Secret project

I keep it secret because I’m not exactly sure about what the exact outcome will be. Right now I haven’t decided if I want to make it into X or Y. But it will be some kind of creative, digital product. This is all I can say right now, sorry… At the moment I’m working on the script

Client work

I have a really fun client job that I’m working on right now. I can’t show you anything yet, that will have to wait until later this year, but I can share with you that it’s a custom Toile de Jouy pattern. So very close to my heart and home.

Pattern collection

I’m gearing up for creating a new pattern collection, which is about time! And this is something I will do with the help of Bonne Christine’s Immersion course. Right now I’m brainstorming ideas. Actually, that’s not completely true, I’ve done the brainstorming step a few times already but haven’t been able to come up with something that resonates 100% with me. I think it’s because I never really did a proper research yet. So back to that first.

Sales pitching

After summer I’m planning to do an intense pitching period where I will contact companies I’d like to work with. So right now I’m planning my strategy and how I will go about it. Do I think it’s scary and difficult? My answer to that, do bears poop in the woods?

So there it is, what I fill my days with. That plus a lot of small tasks within all kinds of areas. I realize this is a lot of projects at the same time. A LOT. But I chip away at them a little bit every day or every second day. Sometimes I work intensely on only two, but I try to keep my days varied. And many of them span over a couple of months from start to finish. Some even longer.

Questions? Just ask away, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to answer.