New Collaboration: PayPal and Stories of Entrepreneurs With Big Dreams


So if you wondered what all the fuss was about a while ago when I posted an image on Instagram with me posing in front of a camera, here’s the answer.

I’ve been using PayPal since 2016, when I published my first course on Skillshare, because it was how I got paid. Since then I’ve come to use PayPal for many purposes; for charging my clients and customers, for my online purchases. And recently I realized how it can actually save me some money too.

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So when PayPal contacted me a few months ago, asking me if I wanted to do a collaboration and be featured as one of their case studies in a campaign about how entrepreneurs use their services I agreed, of course.

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In May I welcomed the production team here in my home and studio; a representative from PayPal Franc; the lovely Arina Drucioc, Tomas Rivoire from Agency Delasource, Director and Photographer Jérôme de Gerlache, Assistant Director and Photographer Pascal Boudet and Paris based Swedish journalist Louise Nordström.

It was such a fun day that I’ll never forget. Being the centre of attention, the star of the show was a surreal experience, but oh so amazing, exhibitionist as I am, ha ha.

Besides that I had a really bad hair day, a cold sore and dark shadows under my eyes due to lack of sleep the night before, I’m really pleased and happy with the films and imagery.

So, here’s the result, the editorial films about me and my business, both a Swedish and an English version:

PayPal presents:

Bear Bell Productions and Stories of Entrepreneurs With Big Dreams


The Swedish version

The English version

The Instagram Stories film

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