The Damask course is here!

Patterns in the Damask style have always fascinated me, but little did I know how much they would teach me about designing patterns.

Damask patterns can range from really simple designs to extremely complex and advanced compositions and at first I couldn’t wrap my head around how one could make them.

But, as always, a difficulty is a challenge that we can take on, and so I did and started studying Damask patterns up close and tried to mimic the way the motifs looked. And of course, read every piece of information I could find on this pattern style.


Eventually I could see how they were composed and started trying out my own process for creating Damask patterns. I think I’ve created more than 20 Damask patterns on my way to learning this style, and during this practice I developed my own techniques as well.


And after spending hours, days and months honing in on my Damask designing skills and gathering information I thought it was time to package all this and serve it up to my fellow designers in the shape of a new Skillshare course.


With this course I want to give you shortcuts to learning this classic pattern style, inspiration, drawing techniques and my own process of how to create Damasks. From planning to creating the final repeat.

You’ll find the Damask course over on Skillshare and I hope you will enjoy it!

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