New collaboration soon to be revealed


As a pattern designer it’s good to have a big portion of patience, both when creating your designs, often with several versions before you hit that moment when you know it’s done and hear that mental fanfare, but also for the time it takes for your creation to hit the market.

When you create something for a client it can take months, sometimes even more than a year before you will see it out in the world, on real products and in the hands of the people for whom it was created. It’s a long process from start to finish, but oh so exciting!

During spring I have been working with a really cool client on a special project, and now we’re getting closer to the point when I can show you what it is.

In a few days it’s time for the big reveal…

To spice things up and build some anticipation I will uncover a piece of the project here and in my Instagram stories every day during this week, starting tomorrow. And on Friday you’ll have the hole story.

What I can tell you already is that I’ve designed something that will be used for a very special purpose, the grand finale, or an event, and this will also include a trip for me, to a place where I’ve never been before!

So follow along here and on Instagram for a new piece of the puzzle every day until Friday.

But, I can tell you a little secret. I will show everything to my Newsletter subscribers already on Thursday. So if you’re the impatient type, sign up to be among the first to get all the deets.