The complete reveal: Toile de MyAlpaca


This week I’ve piece by piece revealed the details about a now collaboration and project I’ve been working on during spring. So far I’ve shared that the project was a custom made Toile de Jouy pattern that will be used for a special purpose during the Warsaw Home International Interior Design Fair that takes place next week October 3-6. The client has also invited me to come join them in their booth, so next week I’m traveling to Warsaw, a place I’ve never been to before.

Today I reveal the complete pattern, who the client is and what exactly it will be used for.


So, without further ado, let me present:

Toile de MyAlpaca


Early this spring I was contacted by Magda, founder and CEO at MyAlpaca, asking me if I could help her company and create a custom Toile de Jouy pattern that they wanted to use for a special campaign and event.


Skärmavbild 2019-09-23 kl. 08.58.54.png

MyAlpaca is a brand who makes duvets and pillows with alpaca wool. Their mission is to provide the best bedding possible in order to help their customers to a happier, healthier life through better, comfortable and luxurious sleep. 

Their duvets and pillows are a combination of modern textile knowledge and traditional hand-quilting methods - and with a great attention to details. 

Duvets filled with the natural alpaca fiber are very soft and lightweight. It adapts to your body temperature, doesn’t retain moisture and is hypoallergenic.

Another misson for MyAlpaca is to preserve and pass on the tradition of hand-quilting duvets of the region, rooted in the Guild of Tailors that was established in 1272 in Krakow, Poland.

I loved the idea of using more sustainable and natural fibers for this type of product and Alpacas are such friendly and gentle animals. And the fact that this company also is keen on preserving an old craft and passing on this specific tradition of hand-quilting really took to this history geek.


An eyecatcher

The custom Toile de Jouy pattern I made for MyAlpaca will be the star of their booth at the Warsaw Home trade show that takes place next week between October 3-6. 

The pattern will cover the walls and be featured as a limited edition of their duvet bags, on bed linen, candle boxes and notebooks.


Next week I’ll go to Warsaw and if you’re curious about what will happen there I’ll bring you along in my Instagram stories.

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