The first glimpse of a new collaboration


I’ve been working on a secret project with a really cool client for a few months and every day this week until Friday I will piece by piece reveal what the project is.

Here is the first piece:


Yes, as you probably guess the project was to create a custom Toile de Jouy pattern for my client. It was such a fun assignment and the brief included some challenging ingredients, but I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted it to look right from the start.

A pattern in the Toile de Jouy style is a narrative pattern that tells a story, or describes an event. It can be very detailed and is typically built with different scenes, often showing pastoral and quaint views of the countryside, people working in the garden, playing games or romantic couples courting. 

Toile de Jouy is a classical style that was created during the second half of the 18th century and became a highly popular style for wall covering, upholstery and drapes. This pattern style is still extremely popular and now used for all kinds of products and surfaces.


Want to learn more about the Toile de Jouy pattern style and how to create patterns like this yourself?

Check out my Toile de Jouy pattern course on Skillshare here >>

For my client I created a number of scenes that support their brand and the story they wanted to convey.

The pattern will be used for several purposes, and one of them is… well, let’s say it will be an eyecatcher, so the overall impression, density and scale was very important to get exactly right for each purpose.

The pattern and the surfaces where it will be used will be the star of a special event, call it a grand finale during the first days of October.

I’m really excited, because the project also includes me participating in this grand finale, which means I get to travel to a city I’ve never visited before and have the opportunity to meet my client in person as well.

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow. On Friday I will reveal the complete pattern, who the client is and also what it will be used for.

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