Next reveal: The grand finale


This spring I’ve been working with a really cool client on a secret project that it’s now time to reveal. This week I’m telling you all about it piece by piece, with the last pieces on Friday.

For my client I’ve created a pattern in the Toile de Jouy style, that will be used for a special purpose and event that will take place next week. The project also includes a trip for me, to a place where I’ve never been before.

Today I show another piece of the pattern and share some behind the scenes of creating the pattern:


A glimpse of the process

My clients pattern consists of 4 main scenes and some complementary filler motifs. The brief had some fun and challenging ingredients, but I had a pretty clear idea right from the start of how I wanted this pattern to look and feel.

As always when creating a pattern in the Toile de Jouy style I start out with brainstorming ideas for the theme and story it will convey, and I imagine what type of scenes and components that can support this.

Then I describe each scene in detail, what to include in terms of objects, trees, flowers, landscape, architecture and characters. And after that the fun sketching part begins.

When I have a first draft of the pattern I show it to my client for feedback.

And what a dream client! They trusted me completely with interpreting the concept and forming the design. We had a great exchange of feedback throughout the design phase. A joy to work with!

The grand finale & where this project will take me

The client produces products within the home textile and industry and the pattern will be used for several purposes and that will be revealed next week during a specific event; the Warsaw Home International Interior Design Fair that takes place October 3-6.

As icing on the cake the client invited me to come and join them in their booth. 

Yep, I’m going to Warsaw. My first visit to this European capitol and I’m really excited to meet the client in person.

Later today I will send a newsletter to my mailing list where I reveal who the client is, show the complete pattern and what the pattern will be used for.

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