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Follow along challenge: Planning your best year 2019 - part 1

Every year I take a week or so for planning out my next year so that I can focus on the right things and have a clear direction. By request I’m sharing my yearly planning steps in a - let’s call it a challenge. You are so welcome to follow along with me, step by step to flesh out your own yearly planning and make 2019 your best year. Here’s the first step.

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Gemstone: The story behind the pattern

The process of how I created Gemstone - the pattern design that now is a part of Svanefors Textil fall/winter-18 collection of home textiles - isn’t a straight path. It’s a story about the birth of three patterns at once. In this article you can follow the steps I had to take to get to the finish line.

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The process behind the pattern design; Rose Garden

When coloring motifs in Illustrator I want them to still have a hand painted look to them, so for that I use a specific technique with multiple layers. Here I share the behind the scenes of that process and how I created this hand drawn, elaborate pattern design called Rose Garden.

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