What is affiliate marketing?


Apparently affiliate programs are big business now. I get captions and suggestions on Pinterest all the time on how people make a lot of money by joining these types of programs.

So what is it?


Affiliate marketing as it is called is when you get paid a commission for promoting products or services for other companies.

What it really means is that you help a business to drive traffic to their site so they can sell more products and services. So it’s a way for that business to have other people market their stuff. I guess you can compare it to a Tupperware party, only online.

The efforts that are rewarded to an affiliate can range from making people click a link - to an actual conversion where a person makes a purchase.

Businesses offering affiliate programs and people being affiliates like to raise this to the skies with phrases like: 

”make money while you sleep”

”Your affiliate link on your website and blog will work for you no matter what time it is or where you are. Share your link and see the money roll in…”

Using the credibility of influencers

As true as this may or may not be, to make a lot of money on affiliate marketing you do have to make some efforts - unless you already have a big following. Still you have to create a campaign of blog posts, pins, social media posts and share it everywhere to get people to your site and click the link…

The way this works for the companies providing these programs is that they recruit a number of affiliates to do their traffic driving activities for them. Cost wise this is a small investment compared to buying ads, plus they can use the credibility that their affiliates have with their following, which in turn will probably result in a higher conversion rate than a ”big gun ad”. Because today recommendations by others you trust is the number one way to make you buy something.

More reading on affiliate marketing and how to get started

I’ve found a great website that explains more about affiliate marketing:


And a section how to get started yourself:


(Now this could have been a great example of affiliate marketing - me driving traffic to this guys website through these links. But I'm not an affiliate to that business.)

My experience with affiliate marketing

My current experience of something that resembles affiliate marketing is together with Skillshare. For every new student I recruit for them I get a small kickback of $10. And if I ever recruit a new teacher for them I also get a small commission.

I have recently joined a couple of affiliate program, but haven't started to work with them yet. As soon as I have more to tell, I'll share it with you guys.

Revenue possibilities

I would have to rate this as "great", considering the potential.
According to some bloggers using affiliate marketing it’s the way to paradise, with little or almost no effort at all… Yeah, hm… We should review that with a pinch of cynicism though, since I think it could be categorised into the ”too good to be true” area. But depending on your efforts to market and spread the affiliate link, it can generate anything from a few bucks to a lot of extra cash each month.