Drawing from

from objects & images



This class is for anyone who wants to learn to create artistic, sophisticated and life like illustrations to use for different purposes - like art prints, greeting cards, stationery, pattern designs or illustrations for books, websites and magazines.

With the help of an easy step-by-step process you will learn to draw your illustration by hand, from a real object or image/images and turn the drawing into a monochromatic and vectorized illustration. You can be a total beginner when it comes to drawing!

This is what you will learn:

  • Planning you illustration, choosing style and create a vision of what you want to draw and illustrate.

  • Building you motif from big outlines down to details.

  • Find the characteristic shapes and lines.

  • Include and exclude components for a distilled version that is unique for you.

  • Two techniques for making shadows, light and texture to make your illustration come alive and get that 3D-look.

  • Tracing your drawing.

  • How to scan your illustration.

  • How to turn your illustration into a vectorized image using Adobe Illustrator.

  • How to edit your illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

  • How to print your illustration in the best possible way.

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Said about the course:

Probably the most comprehensive illustration course I've taken. Loved it. / Raynor

Bärbel does such a great job of explaining and showing how to illustrate anything, no matter what your skill level. I've been a fine artist and graphic designer for over 35 yrs and yet I learned many new things from Bärbel's course. Plus I love her artwork and her attention to detail. She is an excellent teacher and a joy to follow. / Kathleen

This was a great class! Barbel gave a lot of good tips to improve my drawing skills. I really enjoyed the way she takes her time teaching the important details that will make your drawings look wonderful. I will continue to practice what I learned in this class. / Cindi

Fantastic class! So detailed and informative and clearly presented. I look forward to trying out the techniques I learned. / Sara

Excellent class with quality production! I've picked up some great tips for producing professional looking art prints at home and can't wait to complete my project. Thank you Barbel! / Mia

I really enjoyed watching this class. You helped me to better understand the whole process of making the illustrations. Thank you! / Snezana

Inspiring and lovely class! Bärbel is really sweet and she takes us, step by step, through the whole process of creating beautiful illustrations. / Amanda