Drawing the




This is a course for all you who loves the vintage & ornamental styled illustrations and pattern designs!

What this course is about

It’s about one of the most commonly used motifs in art, design and architecture - the Acanthus.

Which is the most depicted plant in history - ever since the ancient greeks and romans started to use it for adorning their temples and buildings.

What you will learn

As usual when it comes to my courses, you’ll get some background and history about the Acanthus motif and then we’ll take a closer look different styles and the anatomy, which will come in handy during the next steps - the drawing exercises.

This time I have prepared 8 drawing exercises, so you’ll get to properly practice how to draw this particular motif in different ways and with lots of details and variations.

At the end of this course you’ll have the skills to draw twisting, turning and bending Acanthus leafs, tendrils and scrolls, that you can include in your art work.

Who it’s for

The course is for you who want to develop your drawing and illustration skills and learn how to create stylised plant motifs and an ornamental, vintage look.

For example; you can use the Acanthus as a motif for creating decorative borders, frames, wreaths on greeting cards & wedding invitations and other stationery, to embellish lettering art work, book & magazine illustrations.

The course is for both beginners, aspiring designers, but will also be inspiring for intermediate and advanced levels.

The course is also for you who likes a bit of art history to get a broader perspective on design & illustration than just the how-to.

And I've also specifically had pattern designers in mind for this course, who wants to create characteristic motifs for pattern styles like like the Damask, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Toile de Jouy and Indian Floral patterns.

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