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Designing is going to be about 20% of your time and the rest learning the business, selling, marketing and a lot of other things to get the party going. And it's going to take more time than you think to make it.

But it's so much fun and oh so worth it! So I really encourage you to see it through and make it happen.


And around here you can learn a bit about some of the things I’ve learned on my pattern design journey through:

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Running a pattern design business - or any creative business - is truly a 360 degree project as any business. Besides creating patterns we have to productify our designs, market them and sell them to our dream clients in order to get some income and be able to continue doing what we love.

In this section you'll find articles about pattern design and running a creative business.


Article series: Make a 3-year plan for your pattern design business

In this 6-step article series I share the strategy and methods we used in the big corporate business I used to work and how to apply it to your small creative business - and make those big dreams happen!


Facebook group: Want some help & support to move forward?

Join our new Facebook group about planning and setting goals for our creative businesses!


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Pattern design

In this tutorial I share my tips for organizing your pattern designs in a collection document in Illustrator.

In this tutorial video I show the different ways I use mockups to show and visualize my pattern designs. I also show you how easily you can create your own mockups.

Introduction video: In this Skillshare course I unveil the secrets behind how to make a the classic, sophisticated and complex pattern design often referred to as the Toile de Jouy. In class you'll get all the skills, knowledge and tools you need to create a Toile de Jouy pattern yourself.

Introduction video: In this Skillshare course you'll learn everything about the beautiful and decorative classic pattern design called Indian floral. You'll learn the history behind it, what influenced it, how it's composed and at the end of the class you'll have all the skills and knowledge to design an Indian floral pattern of your own.


Alcohol based markers like Copic, ProMarker and Touch are a media on the rise. If you've never tried these professional markers before and would like to know more, here is a quick introduction on what they are and how they work. I also give you a recommendation for a marker starting kit.

In this video tutorial I show you how to easily refill your Copic Markers instead of buying new ones when they run out of ink, saving both the environment and money that you can spend on buying new markers to your collection instead.


Introduction video: In this Skillshare class you'll learn about different marker brands and types of markers, the color system behind it all, how to buy and choose markers and suitable paper, the basic strokes and coloring techniques + get a bunch of fun exercises - all to bring you a great and smooth start.

Introduction video: Using professional markers to color your illustrations is fun and you can create really cool effects with them, plus it is quite easy to learn how to use. But there is one specific marker that can be difficult to understand and it's quite common that it is used the wrong way when you're starting out - the colorless blender.

This is the introductory video for my course on Skillshare about shading with markers. In this course you'll learn 5 different techniques for creating contrast with markers - with shade & highlights.


creative business

In this inspiration video I take you on a tour of my home design studio - you get to peek into my drawers and boxes and share my tips and ideas for what to consider when planning a studio.

In this tutorial I walk you through the first step on how to set up your folder structure for starting to organize your business and design files.

Tutorial: This is the second step in the File organizing tuturial series with tips on how to structure and organize not only your design files but your pattern design business.


Swedish Pattern Society

English translation below

Vi är en grupp med svenska mönsterdesigners och illustratörer som bollar idéer, diskuterar, tipsar, stöttar och hjälper varandra med allt som rör mönster och illustration i Sverige. Vi arrangerar även träffar där vi möts upp, jobbar och snackar - är mönsterdesignkollegor helt enkelt.

Du är varmt välkommen att bli medlem i vårt sällskap, men då behöver du vara mönsterdesigner eller illustratör i någon form - från hobby till heltidssysselsättning, plus att du jobbar mot den svenska marknaden.

We are a group of Swedish pattern designers and illustrators who exchange ideas, discuss, help and support each other about anything regarding pattern design and illustration in Sweden. We also arrange meet-ups, where we work and chat - simply being pattern design collegeues.

You are welcome to join the society if you are a pattern designer or illustrator in any way - for example as a student, as your hobby, side hustle or as your full time career. But you need to work towards the Swedish market. All posts and discussions are in Swedish ;-).


Connect with

Swedish Pattern Society

We have a joint Instagram account where we feature and present all members of the group and their work. Follow us there and stay updated with what’s happening in pattern design Sweden!

Another way to keep up with us is to follow our Swedish Pattern Society board on Pinterest, where our members pin images of their patterns and products.