Make a 3-year plan

How to apply big corporate strategy planning to your small business

And make that big goal of yours happen

A big corporate company has a long term as well as a short term strategy for their business to achieve their business goals. It includes everything, every function and employee to ensure that they are on the same page, supporting the struggle to get to that goal. This type of planning - like a 3 year plan - is something I learned and lived by when working as a marketing project manager for a big global car brand, before I started Bear Bell Productions. 

In a series of articles I’m sharing this method and step by step show you how you can apply this method on your small business to - and make sure you’ll make that big goal of yours happen.

As I had no experience in running my own business, or knowledge of how you succeed as a pattern designer it was close at hand to plan my own business in the same way as I had learned from corporate life. And I found that it was a great way to stay on track, to know exactly what to do and not and how to stay focused, even for a small, one-woman business.


A 3-year plan is a statement and a document that describes where a company is going to be in 3 years, and a plan on how to get there. The plan is revised annually and when the business moves into the 3 years of the plan the first 3-year goals becomes the 2-year milestones toward the new 3-year goals instead and so on. It's constantly evolving.

In this series of articles I'm going to share how I do a 3-year plan and strategy for my business, so that you too can apply this big corporate strategy to your own business/blog/project and make those big goals eventually happen.


For the method of creating your 3-year plan I have created a companion workbook to make it easier for you to apply the steps on your own creative business.

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