Coloring with markers



In this course we continue to build on the fundamental techniques for creating illustrations and motifs with alcohol based markers. This time with a deep dive in how to create illustrations with a variety of contrast, using 5 different techniques of shading.

Together we’ll go through the basics of creating shade, highlights and contrast, that you later can use to create illustration with a dynamic and realistic look.

In class I'll demonstrate 5 different techniques for shading with markers. And having these techniques in your illustration toolbox is not only going to build on your markers skills, but also give you flexibility with the markers you have, even for a limited collection, because with these techniques you'll find ways to work around missing colors and shades.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to think when creating highlights, reflections, shade and shadow

  • How to create variation and shade with only one marker

  • What a natural blending group is

  • What a desaturated blending group is

  • What complementary colours are

  • The different type of grey markers you can use and when to use them

  • How to pick and choose the right markers for each technique

  • How to create realistic looking shoe illustrations

  • Tricks for creating specific textures like suede, leather and chrome

  • How to maximise the use of your marker collection, working around missing colors and shades

Throughout the class you’ll get demonstrations on each technique as well as fun exercises where you practice each technique by illustrating, colouring and shading - shoes!

At the end of this course you will have a row of new skills and tools to take on your illustrations.



With this course you’ll also get a companion mini colouring book to download and print. It has 5 shoe illustrations that you can use for the class exercises and the class project, or just for fun.

Freebie eBook full of shoe illustrations for coloring with markers.

View the introduction video