My story

I used to work with marketing at an office that was extremely boring and dull. One day I calculated how many days I had been sitting on that same square meter of grey plastic carpet, on the same worn chair, looking out the window to a view of subway rails, fences and broken subway cars and realized I didn't want to loose any more days of my life on something that boring, ugly and uninspiring. I decided that I wanted to change my view, my setting and life into something creative, beautiful and inspiring. So I quit my job and founded Bear Bell Productions with the aim to live a creative life as a designer and illustration artist, with the mission to create something that also could make every day life and spaces of others to something more inspiring, beautiful and interesting. 

My artistic background is a year at Falkenberg School of Art and several art classes, for example a drawing class at UCLA. When it comes to design it all started with a pattern design class for Swedish designer Lotta Kühlhorn and from that I am self taught, with a passion for everything that involves patterns. I have been drawing as long as I can remember making comic strips, greeting cards, paintings for friends and families as well as illustrations for the school newspaper.

One thing I didn’t expect when setting out on this journey was the strong and amazing community of other pattern designers - both aspiring and already established. And a big part of my business is about sharing my skills, tips and experiences as a creativepreneur with them. I strongly believe in helping each other is the best way to success.

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