Indian Floral



Indian floral patterns have been a reoccurring element within fashion and interior design from ancient modern til modern times. And today they are seen everywhere, as popular as ever, on clothing, wallpaper, furnitures and all kinds of home textiles.

It's a fairly complex pattern and may seem difficult to create, but in this class you'll get all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to make an indian floral pattern of your own.


This is what you will learn:

  • The history behind the pattern - the story on how this particular pattern style evolved and became the classic it is today.

  • Different styles, what influenced the indian floral designs and what characterizes the patterns.

  • With some fun illustrating exercises we'll practice how to draw like an 18th century cloth painter so that you can mimic the style in your own Indian floral pattern.

  • How to plan your pattern

  • How to layout your pattern

  • How to create a color palette for your pattern

  • How to create your motifs

  • Digitalizing your illustrations - how to scan and vectorize your pattern motifs in Adobe Illustrator

  • How to color you motifs - both analog and digitally

  • How to assemble your motifs into a pattern repeat

  • How to create a half drop pattern swatch using the Pattern tool in Illustrator

  • How to create a half drop pattern swatch the old fashion way in Illustrator

This is an intermediate to advanced course, so you should be familiar with Illustrator and also know a bit about how a pattern repeat works and is constructed.


View the introduction video


Said about the course:

Incredible class! One of the best I've seen here on Skillshare. So in depth in all areas from history, to the actual process of creating the pattern with many many tips along the way. This history nerd wants to create about a billion indian florals now. /Kristina

I'm really grateful that Barbel has taken the time to share her skills. I was looking for a more complex class and she's got them all! / Anna

What a fabulous class. I love the indepth look at the history of the fabrics and designs and enjoyed all the practical design lessons. Thank you Barbel! / Alison

A wonderful in depth class full of information about the history of Indian textiles and lots of useful hints and tips about how to create a repeat pattern using your Indian inspired motifs. I like Barbel's style of teaching, it is fun and enthusiastic. / Nina

This course is beautifully made and Bärbel explains everything so well! I really love watching her draw in time-lapse, it really helps to study her technique, and is also very relaxing to watch. Definitely recommend this class!
/ Lina

Amazing class with wonderful details and lots of different examples. Thank you! / Heather



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