The Paisley styled pattern is really old and the mother of all classics. It’s been around for hundreds of years and is still going strong as one of the most popular patterns in interior and fashion design. 

It can seem to be a very complex and difficult pattern to create, but in this class I’ll show you a row of different types of Paisleys you can create. In class we’ll take a look at the history behind the pattern, how it has evolved, what has influenced it, how it’s been used and is used today. Then we’re doing a pattern close-up to study the different types, layouts, compositions and the characteristic motifs. You’ll also get the chance to practice your drawing skills and get acquainted with the Paisley style in a row of fun exercises. After that I’ll take you through my process of creating a Paisley pattern using Illustrator.

At the end of this course you’ll have at least one Paisley pattern that you can use for all kinds of purposes:

- As a kickstarter for a pattern collection
- Include in your portfolio and present to companies
- Publish and sell on print-on-demand services like Spoonflower and Society6 etc.
- Publish and sell on pattern banks.



Who is this course for?

This course is for students who wants a bit of an academic perspective when learning about pattern design and not only the how-to. And it’s for all of you who have started your pattern design journeys - whether it’s a hobby or if you’re on your way to make it your profession, or if you’re already there. It’s for you who want a bit of a challenge and take on more advanced patterns.

This is an intermediate to advanced course. Some of the designs we’ll be making are a bit more simple and some are quite advanced so there will be something for everyone as long as you have a basic knowledge in how to create a pattern repeat in Adobe Illustrator, which is what I’m using and teaching in this course.

This course is a part of a series about Classic Pattern Designs. All courses in this series are created to offer you a broader perspective of pattern design, including the history behind the patterns, how it has evolved, what has influenced it, how it’s used - and of course how to make them.


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