over here it's all about

navigating the world of

Pattern design


The world of patterns is a jungle

 I'd like to help you with some shortcuts
to make your pattern business easier.

As a pattern designer and creativepreneur I help clients finding patterns for their products and fellow pattern designers learn new skills by sharing mine here and by teaching illustration and pattern design over on Skillshare.

As a former marketing project manager I know exactly what an awesome client experience should be like and after leaving that world I also know how difficult it is to start up your own pattern design business from absolute zero.

I'm Bärbel, designer and creativepreneur behind Bear Bell Productions and I'm really excited that you found your way here! Let's get straight to the point what this place is all about:



If you're

- representing a business looking for prints for a product
- or a creative who wants to learn more about the world of patterns and markers,

You're in the right place!


I'm here to help you

Find those special prints that can boost your products


develop your pattern designing & creative business skills

There is a Swedish proverb saying to not see the forest because of all the trees and that's what the world of patterns can feel like. Both if you're looking for prints for your next collection or a single product - or want to learn how to make patterns and find information about running a design business.

I've been gathering bits and pieces here and there on my own pattern design journey, which I realize is a whole library of skills inside my head. And together with the experience as a business client myself from my decade of marketing in a big corporate company I wanted to create this place, where I can serve my patterns and knowledge about the pattern world to you - on a silver platter. 

So you can go about your pattern tasks in one easy stride - instead of hopping from stone to stone.


Mini Q & A


1. What's surface pattern design?

In a few words: graphic elements arranged in a way that it can be indefinitely repeated and applied to a surface or product.
View some of my pattern designs >>


2. What's professional markers?

Pens with permanent alcohol based ink often used by designers and artists within fashion, comic, architecture & technical design etc.
See a video over here >>



3. what do you do all day long?

I sometimes refer to my business as an octopus = a lot of things to handle.
Read more about the pillars of Bear Bell Productions here >>


4. how did you get started with patterns?

I'm happy you asked! I call it The Big Detour and it's a story about being brave (and a bit naive). I spill the whole story over here >>


My patterns

are either large scaled and strong colored - or simple and muted, mostly hand drawn and with lots of details.

What inspires them are arts, old patterns and motifs I find in museum archives and books (hello 18-19th centuries) or the beauty of nature surrounding me or where I long to be (the beach, always the beach).


Take a peek in the pattern lookbook where you can see how some of my patterns look on real products.


View some samples from my pattern portfolio and my latest pattern collection.


get your learn on!

My current courses on Skillshare