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Swedish Pattern Designers
& Illustrators

Being a solopreneur and freelance designer can be challenging and sometimes lonely. And while there are a lot of groups and communities out there to use for support and networking - there are some matters and questions that are unique and specific for the Swedish market for pattern design that can't be answered on those international group boards.

So to remedy that I started a Facebook group for Swedish pattern designers and illustrators where we can discuss industry and business matters, ask questions and share our experiences and tips with each other. We also arrange "work-alongs" where we meet up irl to network over a cup of coffee.

To be creative colleagues.

We are a welcoming and supportive group with the objective to help each other grow and at the same time work to strengthen the position of pattern designers in Sweden.

To join you have to be active in the Swedish world of pattern design and illustration - as a side hustle, hobby or your main occupation.

Although most posts are in Swedish, we do have english speaking members too.