And welcome to the club! I'm thrilled you joined in.

I love creating beautiful things that sparks joy in peoples lives, and finding solutions to problems that will help people move forward, whether it’s designing a pattern for a company that will build their brand or push sales, or if it’s producing resources for other designers.

I design and teach from a classical, historical perspective, finding inspiration, skills and knowledge in the very often complex styles, techniques and motifs from past times.

I truly believe that we are stronger and have more fun when we take on our challenges and struggles together. That’s why I’ve devoted a large part of my business to sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with my fellow designers and artists. 

That’s why I produce and teach online courses on Skillshare and share my experiences and knowledge in the creatives section on my website, on the blog and in my newsletter.

My mission is to inspire and hopefully give you some shortcuts.

I'd love to know a bit about you, so send me an email if you'd like to barbel@bearbell.se.

xo / Bärbel




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