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I’m Bärbel Dressler - a Swedish designer, with a nerdy passion for past times and vintage, a strict monthly Copic marker allowance and constantly ink stained fingers.

I live and work in Vega - which sounds like a remote galaxy, but is a small town just south of Stockholm where I live right next to the beautiful lake of Drevviken with my husband, two kids and a bunny who believes he's a dog.

With my newsletter I want to share tutorials, articles, tips and tricks about the world of pattern design, illustration, using professional markers, history, sewing, vegetarian recipes and running a one-woman creative business. My mission is to inspire and hopefully give you some learning curve shortcuts.

I'd love to know a bit about you too, so send me an email if you'd like, to barbel@bearbell.se.

Below are some features from previous issues of the newsletter. Enjoy!

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pattern design

In this article I share the process of creating my "painted" look when coloring my pattern motifs in Adobe Illustrator, plus how I made the Rose Garden pattern in this image.

creative business

In a series of articles I share the method for strategy planning I learned and lived by as a marketing project manager at a big global car brand - and how to use it on your small creative business as well. Access all posted articles here.


In this video I give you the full tour of my home design studio, share my tips and favorite tools and equipment.


If you are new to markers I have made a quick introduction video where I explain what they are and what you can do with them. Watch the video here.

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